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Our integrated process control solutions utilising DCS platforms and highly integrated networks of PLCs are creating competitive advantages and maximizing production efficiencies from continuous manufacturing lines, to product storage and export schemes.

At the highest level our systems are performing complex sequences for an array of continuous processes, working across proprietary networks and management information systems. At the intermediary level we control the transfer and storage of feedstock required for manufacturing processes, and at the operational level, using our experience of working with open communication protocols and industrial networks we have successfully integrated disparate controllers for site wide control and automation schemes.

We understand and appreciate the exacting demands certain processes have on the data handling, communication and operation aspects of an integrated control and management scheme.

The goal of every producer is to remove production inefficiencies. Together with leading management information software providers Charter Tech provide integrated solutions, employing recognised metrics to gather and analyse data about production performance. Such data enables decision makers to quickly implement corrective action to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Applied solutions include:

  • Safety instrumented systems

  • Storage and product transfer schemes

  • Conveyor sequencing

  • Process drier and heater controls

  • Management Information Systems (MIS)

Bulk chemicals processing
Bulk chemicals storage silo
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