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An in-depth understanding of industrial-scale fired applications and combustion control processes are at the heart of our business.

For over 28 years we have been involved in all aspects of burner management, from site surveys and design consultancy through to manufacturing and commissioning. Our tailor made burner management systems (BMSs) are used by end-users and OEMs across the globe.

Charter Tech BMSs are designed to exceed the requirements of international standards such as NFPA 85 & 86 and EN 746 & 50156. They can be found safely managing complex fired equipment in most process industries: including refineries, import terminals, power stations and numerous factories.

Fail-safe by design
We only integrate controllers that are certified as intrinsically fail-safe and with proven reliability, ensuring that burner start-up, operation and shut-down functions are managed appropriately. By preventing unsafe or dangerous conditions from arising we minimise the risk to operators, maintenance personnel, assets and the environment. In addition to the safety functions our systems are designed for ease of use. Over the years we have developed our own user interface functions. These provide significant levels of operational visibility and comprehensive internal diagnostics, making our systems easy to maintain and providing years of reliable operation.

The majority of our systems are based on simplex or redundant safety controllers and are designed for solutions up to SIL 3. But for the most critical applications we use Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) platforms that can deliver high availability ‘5 nines’ reliability whilst maintaining a SIL3 safety shut-down capability.

Application types
Our systems can typically be found controlling the following fired applications:

  • Power boilers

  • Process heaters

  • Heat recovery steam generators

  • Reformers

  • Incinerators

  • Fluidised bed boilers

  • Driers & Kilns

  • Thermal oxidizers

  • Cabin heaters

  • Duct burners

The following fuels are commonly used:

  • Natural gas

  • Diesel oil

  • Pulverized coal

  • Blast furnace gas

  • Syngas

  • Heavy fuel oil

  • Process gas

  • Coke oven gas

  • Naphtha

  • Low CV waste gas and liquid

Standard and guidelines
One or more of the following standards and guidelines are usually applied:

  • IEC 61511

  • EN 50156

  • EN 12952-8

  • IGEM/SR/15

  • NFPA 85/86/87

  • API 556

  • EN 746-2

  • EN 298

  • IEC 61131

  • OLF070

  • ISA TR84.00.05

  • ISA S84

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