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High Integrity Systems

For solutions that require safety protection up to SIL 3 and a degree of redundancy but don’t require a TMR, our High Integrity (HI) schemes have been extensively used. Typically these are applied to process critical Emergency Shutdown systems (ESD) and large, DCS-connected Burner Management Systems.

Our HI solutions are very scalable. At the base level they can be supplied with redundant controllers and simplex I/O modules, but for the highest availability redundant controllers and redundant I/O modules can be provided. By eliminating all single points of failure process downtime is minimised.

Most of the platforms available to us can be enhanced to provide advanced features such as: Sequence Of Events recording (SOE), Line Fault Detection (LFD), integrated Intrinsically Safe barriers and Earth Leakage Detection (ELD).

Projects are managed to comply with IEC 61508 or IEC 61511 using our own Functional Safety Management System (FSMS). Charter Tech’s FSMS has been independently validated by Lloyds ScandPower and several of the world’s leading Oil and Gas producers.

We can provide integrated solutions using the following controller platforms:

  • ABB 800xA HI

  • Honeywell Safety Manager (SM) or Failsafe Control System (FSC)

  • Yokogawa ProSafe

  • Schneider Triconex Trident or Tricon

  • Siemens S7-400FH

Abb 800xA HI controller
Honeywell Safety Manager controller
Siemens S7-400 controller
Yokogawa ProSafe controller
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