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The majority of our clients take advantage of our in-house, fully integrated panel manufacturing services. Panel build tasks range from simple wall-mounted junction boxes through to complex, multi-bay suites with 19” swing-frames and front/rear access. Our highly experienced staff are used to manufacturing systems in compliance with international and marine standards, defaulting to our own, independently certified, ISO 9001 QMS where no client standard is specified.

We can wire to free-issued drawings and bills-of-materials or, if required, provide a complete design package including CAD drawings. On completion we carry out a set of documented inspections and tests to verify that the system has been built to design.

Typical package arrangements

  • Stand-alone control panels

  • Fully integrated suites of control panels

  • Marshalling cubicles

  • Power distribution

  • Variable Speed Drive cubicles

  • Junction boxes

Equipment for hazardous locations
In addition to our standard painted mild steel panels we can supply systems that are destined to be installed in hazardous areas. Our staff are fully conversant with the following ATEX methods of protection:

  • Ex e - Increased Safety

  • Ex d – Flame Proof

  • Ex ia – Intrinsic Safety

  • Ex p - Pressurised

Panels for hazardous areas tend to be constructed from slightly more exotic materials than mild steel and we are therefore used to handling stainless steels, cast aluminium, cast iron and GRP.

We have a long-standing relationship with a leading international supplier of purge and pressurisation units, enabling us to provide a complete certification service for systems required to meet Ex p.

Low smoke zero halogen
Increasingly, duty holders are becoming more risk averse and are specifying that all panel equipment has to be certified low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) to minimize the release of toxic and corrosive gases in the event of a fire. A number of our more recent systems have met this requirement and as a result we are quite conversant with the additional challenges that using LSZH materials poses.

Principal component suppliers

  • AB

  • ABB

  • GMI

  • P&F

  • Pilz

  • PULS

  • Omron

  • Rittal

  • Telemecanique

  • Weidmüller

Stainless sounder panel
Stainless local control purge panel
Safety Manager panel


Before systems leave our facility all turn-key control packages undergo a series of extensive and rigorous tests to ensure that logic and process functions are performing to design. This is an important aspect of all systems but is a mandatory verification requirement of our process safety systems.

These Factory Acceptance Tests, or FATs, are fully documented and usually culminate in a number of days dedicated to client witness tests. To facilitate these tests we have a dedicated, ground floor staging area.

The staging area has been set up to manage this aspect in the comfort and safety of an office-type environment, an important aspect as some tests can run for weeks at a time. We use our own design of ‘field simulator’ test sets. And although quite time consuming to connect up to the field terminal rails, over the years they have proven to be an invaluable aid in revealing process plant issues that may otherwise be hidden if the software functions are just run in simulation mode.

When not being utilised by our project group the staging area, complete with test sets and test operations personnel may be utilised by other companies with a need to set up and test electrical control equipment. Please contact the office for further details.

Analogue test sets
Relay/digital input test sets
Led test set
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