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Successful Factory Acceptance Test - February 2019

Charter Tech in partnership with Schneider Electric have completed a successful factory acceptance test for a burner management system for a chemical plant in South Wales using the Triconex platform.

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Critical event alarm system - February 2019

Charter Tech have completed a project to deliver a critical event alarm system on schedule and in budget for a client based on the south coast.

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Major turnaround support - February 2019

Charter Tech recently provided support services during a major turnaround for a key petrochemical plant based on the south coast.

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Season’s greetings

With more than 17 years behind me in my role as Business Development Manager at Charter Tech I have decided to take up a new challenge with Emerson and will be leaving at the end of the year.

We are parting on good terms and will no doubt continue to discuss areas of mutual interest.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Charter Tech’s products and services and you can rest assured that the staff and Directors will continue to support you whenever and however they can.

They have kindly agreed for me to take my mobile with me, therefore contact number 0787 673 7033 will become a personal number from January. From the New Year, please direct any enquiries or requests for assistance to one of the following:

Tim Crumpler -
Simon Hall -
Duncan Benham -
Andy Baker-

Alternatively please contact the office on: +44 (0)1929 553000
Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Paul Burns

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InstMC Teesside C&I exhibition - 11th Nov 18.

Our Paul Burns will be profiling our BMS & ESD capabilities. The event is 7am to 6pm.

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InstMC Functional Safety seminar Warrington - 21st Nov 18.

Our Paul Burns will be promoting our Functional Safety consultancy services alongside the seminar

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SIS Audit 100% Successful.

We recently attained a perfect score as part of an SIS audit conducted by a multi-national engineering services company which serves the defence, nuclear and aviation industries.

GDPR Privacy Notice - May 2018.

Charter Tech has updated its privacy notice inline with the new General Data Privacy Regulations. To download our privacy notice please see our downloads page.

Attended Event - Hazards28.

Our Paul Burns recently promoted our functional safety services and solutions at the conference. The opportunity to attend the presentations and network with the delegates was invaluable.

Attended Event - 61508 Association - March 2018

Our Paul Burns attended the 61508 Association meeting at Walworth castle near Darlington.

Attended Event - Institute of Measurement and Control - March 2018

Our paul Burns attended the annual dinners of the Teesside section and the North Lincolnshire section of the Institue of Measurement and Control.

Upcoming Events - IChemE Hazards28.

Our Paul Burns will be promoting our safety system and Functional safety services at the forthcoming IChemE Hazards28 event occurring in May at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Milestone - Our first DeltaV SIS based burner management system - January 2018.

Our first DeltaV SIS based burner management system has been despatched to an oil terminal at Teesside.

Upcoming Events - Institute of Measurement & Control - January 2018

Our Paul Burns will be attending the annual dinners of the Teesside & North Lincolnshire sections of The Institute of Measurement & Control in March.

At the invitation of ABB our Paul Burns attended their Annual Parliamentary Reception - June 2017

The theme this year "Preparing the Next Generation for the 4th Industrial Revolution". Speeches were given by Host MP, Sir Bill Cash, Ms Claire Perry, Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry and MP for Devizes and ABBs UK Managing Director Mr Ian Funnel.

The evening was truly inspirational and showcased numerate digital based solutions. ABB afforded a special space to a robot which had been put together by two girls aged 9, their achievement was recently recognized at an event in New York.

Application Story – Dealing with the UKs Mixed Plastic Waste - June 2017

The success of a process patented by Recycling Technologies to recycle all MPW with a Charter Tech supplied control system is described by Process and control today.

Teesside & Humberside InstMC functions - March 2017

Our Paul Burns attended the annual events of each InstMC section. Special thanks to the organizers. Paul attended the latest 61508 Association meeting near Darlington.

Resurgent North East of England - March 2017

Following the return of our Business Development Manager Paul Burns recent visit, he was pleased to report positive developments across the region and a brighter outlook for the process industries.

Teesside InstMC C & I event – Nov 2016

Our Paul Burns attended the event, thanks to the organisers and to those who made it to the event.

ESD Upgrade - Feb 2016

A major refinery in the UK has awarded Charter Tech a contract to enhance an existing TMR-based ESD protection system with additional Tank Overfill Protection functions. The upgrades, which include hardware and software modifications, will be implemented using our functional safety management system to meet the requirements of IEC 61511.

Safety Monitor refurbishment – Nov 2015 & Jan 2016

Following a number of successful repairs to a series of damaged Safety Monitors (SaMs), a leading manufacturer of high-performance glass awarded a contract to Charter tech to provide a comprehensive reconditioning programme. A large number of these protective devices were comprehensively refurbished to extend the life by several more years.

FEED study – Feb 2015

One of the world’s largest passport manufacturers awarded a Front End Engineering Design study to Charter Tech to enable them to determine the viability of upgrading their waste heat boiler, control systems and associated instrumentation.

Waste To Energy pilot plant integration - Jan 2015

Following on from the WTE FEED, Charter Tech has been awarded the contract to procure and integrate the BPCS, SIS and visualisation for the pilot plant.

Waste To Energy control system FEED - Dec 2014

An innovative WTE business has awarded Charter Tech a contract to complete the Front End Engineering Design for the control, instrumentation and safety system for a pilot plant.

12 burner fired heater BPCS and SIS - Nov 2014

A world leading fired heater manufacturer has awarded Charter Tech a contract to provide an integrated burner management and combustion control system.

Burner management and combustion control system design - Sept 2014

A global supplier of CO boiler equipment has awarded Charter Tech a contract to provide design and consultancy services including: functional description, logic diagrams and flow charts for use by the Vietnamese system supplier.

Abatement process control system - July 2014

The UK's largest producer of sugar has awarded Charter Tech a contract for a control system to clean up exhaust gas at a sugar factory in Norfolk.

Local control panel (LCP) - Apr 2014

A global supplier of boilers and burners has awarded Charter Tech a contract to supply a complex, multi-burner LCP as part of a package for a Vietnamese refinery.

Functional Safety Audit (FSA) services - March 2014

A UK refinery duty holder has awarded a contract to Charter Tech for the provision of FSA services as part of a SIS TMR upgrade project.

WHRSG Control Systems - Nov 2013

A global WHRSG supplier has awarded Charter Tech a contract to supply two control systems for separate offshore platforms in the Gulf Of Mexico. The challenging environmental conditions require several layers of protection, including: ExP enclosures, G3 conformal coating of all PCBs and an operating temperature limit of 60deg. The systems utilise redundant CPUs and extensive visualisation.

Water Bath Heaters - Aug 2013

A world leading Water Bath Heater manufacturer has awarded Charter Tech a contract to supply two, integrated burner management and heater control systems for a North African end-user.

Process ESD - May 2013

ABB UK has awarded Charter Tech a purchase order to supply a fully integrated 800xA HI logic solver for a petrochemical project.

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