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Nuclear power systems

Our high-integrity and high-availability systems have been employed in a number of nuclear-related processes.

The flasks used to transport nuclear material on the rail network weigh more than 50 tonnes each and are designed to contain up to 2.5 tonnes of spent fuel. The compliance requirements governing their ability to contain waste under extreme duress are necessarily rigorous, resulting in complex sealing requirements.

Our systems are used in a number of flask loading locations to test the multiple lid/flask seals, ensuring leak free joints are achieved before the flasks are permitted to start the rail journey.

Waste processing
Certain types of low level waste are containerized and hermetically sealed before moving to a final resting place. To minimize risk to personnel the process of loading and sealing this waste is fully automated, requiring virtually no human contact. Charter Tech control systems are employed to manage the complete automation process.

Nuclear rail flask
Nuclear waste drum
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