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Charter Tech personnel are fully conversant with the strict requirements governing designated hazardous areas and the tough environmental conditions experienced in coastal and desert locations, where petrochemical complexes are typically found. We employ a variety of methods to ensure that plant and personnel safety or operation is never compromised.

Process heaters & boilers
Within petrochemical complexes our systems are involved in the generation of high pressure steam, the reforming of natural gas to produce hydrogen and the “cracking” of hydrocarbon feedstock to derive various olefin compounds. These plant areas are generally regarded as critical, demanding continuous operation as their failure would shut down multiple revenue generating downstream processes.

Other systems manage the extraction of revenue generating products from streams that were originally regarded as waste.

Remote information transfer
We can provide bespoke networks of controllers and data acquisition systems to collate, pre-process and format data prior to communicating the results over diverse links to site wide DCS platforms.

Trip systems & ESD
When normal process parameters are exceeded it is imperative that executive actions are taken by the Safety Instrumented Systems to put the process into a safe state. Our ESD systems are designed and configured to meet the requirements of up to IEC 61511 SIL3, ensuring that no harm can come to operators working in the vicinity. Equally, careful consideration is given to the asset, such that any emergency shutdown avoids damage to the installation or environment.

Applied solutions include:

  • High pressure steam generation

  • Thermal oxidization of waste streams

  • Reformer control

  • Olefin process control

  • Safety instrumented trip systems

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