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Quality policy
It is the policy of Charter Tech Limited to provide to its customers defect-free control systems, control panels, and other related products and services, on time and in strict conformance with the company's quality specifications and based upon the recommendations and requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.

Health & Safety policy statement
It is the policy of Charter Tech Ltd. to provide it's employees a working environment that secures and promotes their health and welfare.

Charter Tech Ltd. respects the privacy of each user who visits this website. Charter Tech does not retain any personal information about an individual, unless, an individual has elected to provide their own personal details. In such a case, this information is only used by Charter Tech for the main purpose of supplying details which maybe of interest in the future. Charter Tech shall not pass on any personal details to any other third party without the prior consent of the provider.

Environmental policy
Charter Tech takes a responsible approach to environmental management. Protection of the environment is integral to our activities. We have programmes of continual improvement to reduce the affects our business may have on the environment. We have adopted the following procedures: Environmental performance is monitored and reviewed;relevant legal requirements are met; emissions to air, releases to water and our waste do not cause unacceptable environmental effects and we conduct our business in a way which respects our neighbours.

Supporting declaration
The Charter Tech health and safety policy requires the company to adopt and advance procedures that ensure all work is carried out in the safest practicable manner. The health and safety policy requires all employees to be actively involved and aware of all aspects of that policy. It will be the duty of Charter Tech's management to ensure that employees and customers are protected from risk or injury.

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