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Delivery is not completion.
Charter Tech provides a comprehensive range of after sales services to complement our portfolio of design and integration services.

Safely and expediently commissioning systems is an important aspect to the projects that we complete. Duty holders can be assured that Charter Tech will always be able to provide suitably skilled and knowledgeable engineers who are experienced with undertaking site work within the United Kingdom, or overseas.

Tailored courses or simply hands on training, either type enable appropriate personnel to operate the system and troubleshoot problems without having sole reliance on us, the supplier.

We appreciate that personnel with different roles will be required to interact with our systems. Therefore we offer scalable training dependent on the needs of the personnel.

Classroom courses
Formally structured courses with a defined syllabus covering each aspect of the operation and management of the control system and its associated operator interfaces. These courses typically include classroom notes and use of PC workstations to mimic the control system and visualization.

Ad-hoc training
We are often required to provide "hands on training" as part of a Factory Acceptance Test or as part of an extension to the commissioning phase. In some instances this may be deemed sufficient by the client.

Tiered training
These courses are easily adaptable, to facilitate the tutoring of subjects to personnel with different levels of skill and/or knowledge. Charter Tech regularly provides courses specific to: process engineers, operators, supervisors or maintenance personnel.

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Consultancy & certification support

We have extensive experience in industrial system certification requirements. These include ATEX-related hazardous area installations, functional safety standards to IEC 61508/IEC 61511 and electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) standards to EC Directive 2004/108/EC and UK Defence Standard 59-411.

Our longstanding partnerships with leading certification bodies and specialist consultants enables us to select the most appropriate testing house to suit a given application. If you have a certification problem and are looking for support please contact the office, we may be able to assist.

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