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Straight forward ESD
Using decades of experience in applying and designing fail-safe systems we have developed a dedicated family of small and easy-to-use Emergency Shutdown systems (ESD). Designated TripSafe, these low I/O count ESD packages use a TÜV certified safety PLC at the core. They are perfectly suited to small scale processes where additional layers of personnel safety and asset protection up to SIL 3 are required.

Trip functions are configured from a password protected Tablet, or other Wi-Fi connected, portable device, using a simple Cause & Effect table and series of check boxes. No programming tools or coding knowledge is required to set up and enable TripSafe.

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TripSafe common features

  • Cause and Effect derived ESD

  • Check box configuration

  • Secure access with mulit-layer password protection

  • Web monitoring

  • Compact IP66 footprint

  • 5 year warranty

TripSafe variants

  • Laboratory-scale process shut down protection, typically associated with chemical reactors and fractional distillation columns

  • Tank Overfill Protection, used to protect single or multiple tanks in a tank farm from overfilling

  • Conveyors

  • Presses

  • Packaging machines

  • Pumping and heating sets

  • Process circulation pumps

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