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We all need clean and safe water. We also need the waste to be effectively and reliably dealt with. Our experience with PLCs, SCADA and industrial communications networks in this industry has enabled us to design schemes and manufacture systems that match the increasingly strict water quality criteria laid down by the water companies and their regulatory body.

A number of water authorities have taken advantage of our knowledge and application experience of distributed PLC systems. Our schemes are used to extract and treat source water from aquifers and rivers and to process waste water from large conurbations.

Our systems are also used to feed sludge digesters and to control multi-fuel engines used in power generation plants. Water applications typically include:

  • Plant wide, source water treatment processes

  • Distributed waste water treatment processes

  • Remote pumping station sequencing and monitoring

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems

  • Data logging and management systems

  • Bio-gas generation

  • CHP engine control

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