Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Charter Tech is an internationally recognised company specialising in safety-critical and processcontrol systems for duty holders and OEMs in the oil and gas, petrochemical, green energy, process and utility sectors. Charter Tech is the primary operator of

Additional infrastructure companies i.e. domain name controllers and internet service providers provide a necessary role in the provision of services for the Charter Tech website.Whether it is industrial, military or personal Charter Tech takes the protection of data very seriously.

What information do we collect?

Charter Tech only collects information that is necessary to carry out the work to fulfil its duties as aresponsible company and employer.Necessary information collected from individuals outside the organisation includes the following:Title, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Company address, Job Title, Work landline and mobile telephone numbers.

Privacy & Cookies

Privacy is an important issue for Charter Tech and our website has been constructed with privacy protection built-in.

Browsing our web site does not require or collect any personally identifying information.The Charter Tech website contains links to 3rd party companies and organisations, Charter Tech takes no responsibility for the content or behaviours of these external websites.The cookies that we use only identify your browser type and the information that it is able to handle, we collect no personal information from you.


The information submitted via the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website only receives the name andemail address of an individual who submitted the request to facilitate the enquiry.
EmailPersonal contact information submitted by email maybe stored to facilitate communications to our customers as part of our business.

What do we do with the information received?

As an integral part of our business and to be able to support our customers in the future, somepersonal details need to be retained.

Data Retention

The data that is necessary to be retained will be stored centrally in our database on a secureencrypted internal company server.From here the data is only used as a point of contact throughout the course of a project or thelength of employment of an individual at an organisation.Contact details of individuals are also stored in the database to aid the sales and marketingdepartment of Charter Tech as a normal part of company business.Annually Charter Tech will review the current contacts information stored in our database and will either be updated, or deleted depending on any changes that may have happened over time.

Right to be forgotten

We recognise individual’s rights to be forgotten if they have previously been stored in our company database.Upon a written instruction from the individual either by email or formal company headed letter, the individual’s details will be removed from our company database.It should be noted that while we are happy to remove details from our database, this may impact Charter Tech’s ability to provide timely support or responses to enquiries or projects.

Who will we share the information with?

Any personal information mentioned above may be shared by part of an authorised project team when applicable to the work being undertaken as part of Charter Tech’s core business.Any personal information retained by Charter Tech will never be disclosed to any 3rd partyorganisations or individuals outside of the company for marketing or company business withoutexpress permission from the individual concerned.

Any further concerns?

Should you have any further concerns relating to your privacy of personal data after reading thisprivacy notice, please contact us either by email:, or byTelephone: +44 (0) 1929 553000.

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